Everything you need is within you.

After 12 years of coaching in my community of nearly 100K people, I've come to realize that personal growth is NOT simply about strategy, game planning, or goals. Those are the easy part.  When you're running in circles and nothing is working, nine times out of ten, what's missing is you.

About Elisha

Elisha Lee is a certified integrative wellness coach with a wealth of experience spanning over 12 years, providing guidance and support to individuals in achieving their health and nutrition goals. Her expertise extends to building transformational online courses that empower individuals to make lasting positive changes in their lives. Alongside her coaching practice, Elisha has pursued her passion project over the past 2 years as Faith Unraveled, where she focuses on faith deconstruction and the integration of emotional wellness elements necessary for the often-difficult faith transition process. With a heartfelt and relatable approach, Elisha is deeply committed to assisting others in navigating life's most challenging transitions with compassion and empathy. Her unwavering dedication to ongoing learning and growth is evident in her integrative approach, empowering individuals to navigate life's challenges with resilience and grace.


Nutrition Services

Elisha's approach to nutrition is integrative, focusing on the importance of nutrients in the diet while considering the other features of lifestyle medicine. She provides evidence-based information, personalized recommendations, and encourages client engagement within her transformative Facebook community of 62K  as a companion to online courses. Click below to see which workshops are available now!

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Faith Transition Workshops

Coming soon!


One on One coaching

Individual coaching for nutrition, faith transitions, and digital marketing strategy are available. Click below to join the waitlist.

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The Life Changing key to Getting Unstuck

This free workshop provides participants with practical tools, strategies, and insights to break free from unproductive cycles, overcome stagnation, and unlock personal growth potential. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the root causes of feeling stuck and develop actionable plans for forward momentum. Join us for this transformative workshop!

Coming May 2023

"Elisha has been instrumental in helping me understand and overcome the blocks that were holding me back. Her coaching has had a direct impact on my habits and has empowered me to break free from the cycle and start moving forward!"

William, Coaching Client
Nutrition —

I'll guide you through this life changing 6-week detox!


The Eat to Live program, formulated my Dr. Joel Fuhrman transformed my life over a decade ago and I love to see the impacts this program has had on thousands of others.  Try it for six weeks, or use this as a springboard for a new lifestyle.  I provide recipes, video training, and a community of 62,000 people on Facebook.  Click below to grab a spot!

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